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United Nations Non Governmental Organization Representative
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Sharon Wallenberg has represented NGOs at the U.N. since 1998. Ms. Wallenberg started as an Alternate Representative for Servas International, an international peace through travel organization. When S.I. Main Rep, Lynne Murguia stepped down, she named Sharon as the new Main Rep. In this capacity Sharon created partnerships with U.N. agencies - UNEP, UNICEF, UNESCO, and with other Peace and Travel NGOs. Ms. Wallenberg was called on to make an intervention at the Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Conference in New York in 2000 on behalf of Servas members in Togo, West Africa. In 2001, the Servas International administration changed and U.N. matters were handled first from Samoa, and then from Canada.

Ms. Wallenberg was asked to represent United States Servas after impressing the administration by "saving the day" when S.I. was giving a U.N. briefing on 'Responsible Tourism'. Ms. Wallenberg personally involving Gurt Rosenthal, the Ambassador from Guatemala in sending a replacement Ecotourism expert when the Costa Rican one backed out at the last minute. At that time U. S. Servas was in danger of loosing U.N. affiliation for inactivity. Ms. Wallenberg wrote dozens of articles that were backdated and put on the USS web site, securing its place in the NGO community. In 2004 Ms. Wallenberg gave a presentation at a United Nations World Summit on Peace through Travel in Geneva. As a result of the Geneva Summit, Ms Wallenberg was instrumental in having the 'Ribbon' brought to the Persian Gulf.

In 2003 Ms. Wallenberg offered to represent an organization of Catholic OBS/GYNs who worked on obstetric fistula. The founder of Mater Care International, Dr. Rob Walley, and Ms. Wallenberg had mutual friends in Long Island. As Main Rep for MCI, she suggested its NGO status be upgraded from DPI to ECOSOC, and began the process. Ms. Wallenberg secured the opportunity for Mater Care to give a presentation in a Mid-Day Workshop at the Annual NGO Conference. While a member of the Mid-Day Workshop Committee, Ms. Wallenberg resolved a potentially explosive situation involving the Committee Co-Chair, and an Israeli and an Arab NGO. At one of the weekly U.N. briefings in New York, Ms. Wallenberg was approached by Isolda Oca, Information Officer, UN DPI to work with The Women's Health and Education Center (WHEC) to work on various obstetrical fistulae projects; which WHEC is planning to undertake with various teaching hospitals/universities.

Ms. Wallenberg is a native of New York, and also lives in Florida. She has an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and an M.B.A. in Finance. She has her own business in the Health Care field. She has two Daughters, and is expecting her first Grandchild in May 2008. She still writes and publishes articles on SALW / Child Soldiers in national publications as well as articles on Climate Change.

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