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Advisory Council - Irving J. Stolberg

As principal of International Solutions for the past six years, Irving Stolberg has served as a democracy advisor to numerous governments around the world, principally in Central and Eastern Europe. He has done work in more than 90 countries throughout the world. His work has encompassed parliamentary structure and process, rules and multi-party staffing, governmental decentralization, ethics, environment, conflict resolution, Constitution revision, and election monitoring.

In 1995. he was appointed by President Clinton to the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of American Heritage Abroad. On the Commission, he has had the lead responsibility for relations with Slovakia, Moldova, and Ukraine. He was re-appointed to the Commission in 1998 and in 2002 by President Bush.

He has consulted in Bulgaria on numerous occasions. Under the auspices of Bulgarian Television and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences he has participated in sessions on political and economic reform. He has served as an election monitor there with the National Democratic Institute. He has also monitored elections in East Germany, Slovakia and Nicaragua.

In the early 1990ís he consulted with Polish leaders on political transition and human rights.

In the Czech Republic he has participated in sessions on participitory democracy and was invited by the Czech government as a special guest for the 50th Anniversary celebrations of VE Day.

For AID he has done training sessions for Mayors and other local government leaders in Slovakia.

Since 1999 he has worked extensively in China, developing training programs for public officials and leading delegations to China on behalf of the United Nations Association.

He is the president of the Connecticut Division of the United Nations Association. In early 1998, there were four chapters within the Connecticut Division. Energizing the divisionís outreach, Stolberg has generated four active new chapters, to make Connecticut a dynamic Division of the UNA-USA. In 1999 he was elected to the UNA national Board of Directors.

Stolberg served for 22 years in the Connecticut House of Representatives, including two terms as Speaker of the House and one as House Minority Leader. He served on all major committees of the General Assembly, and chaired several of them, including Human Services, Intern, Legislative Management and Finance. He also served on the State Bond Commission.

As president of the National Conference of State Legislatures, he held the highest state legislative office in the land.

Mr. Stolberg has a B.A. in International Relations from UCLA; an M.A. and completed course work and exams for a Ph.D. in Geography and African Studies from Boston University; and a Juris. Dr. Hon. from the University of Hartford. He has written articles for the Encyclopaedia Britannica and other publications. He has received scores of awards and honors and is cited in Who's Who in America and other publications.

Stolberg has been a delegate to six democratic National Conventions and for several years was a member of the Democratic National Committee.

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