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Letters of Support - United Nations

16 February, 1994

Dear Dr. Luthra,

On behalf of the IYF Coordinator, I would like to acknowledge, with thanks, receipt of your letter to him of 9 February 1994. We are very pleased to learn that you have established close contacts with Dr. Belsey of WHO and have made good progress on your plans and activities on health and status of women in developing countries, as a specific contribution to the International Year of the Family. The IYF Coordinator and his Secretariat will continue to be of assistance whenever possible.

As regards the proposed dates for the conference on the Year, kindly note that a major international event is planned to be held in Montreal from 12 to 15 October, held in cooperation with the IYF Secretariat, and on 18 October the General Assembly is scheduled to hold a special conference on families. I am attaching, by fax, relevant pages of the Calendar of events related to the Year, which you may find useful in your planning. A copy of the Calendar is sent by mail.

I look forward to our continued and mutual beneficial cooperation. With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,
George Puthuppally
Social Affairs Officer

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