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  • United Nations: Commission on the Status of Women

  • Domestic Violence Programs: Understanding the Restraining Order Process
    Domestic violence is one of the most serious public health problems in the United States (U.S.). More than 27.3% of women and 11.5% of men 18 years of age and older have a lifetime history of spousal abuse, battering, or intimate partner violence. In many states in the U.S., the weighted lifetime prevalence of domestic violence (including rape, physical violence, and/or stalking) is 34.2% among women and 24% among men. Although many of these incidents are relatively minor and consist of pushing, grabbing, and hitting, domestic violence resulted approximately 1,200 deaths in the United States in 2014. One of the difficulties in addressing the problem is that abuse is prevalent in all demographics, regardless of age, ethnicity, race, religious denomination, education, or socioeconomic status and most of the time either unreported or under-reported. This document provides helpful information illustrating the steps necessary to obtain a restraining order, improve your safety, abused person's rights and domestic violence law enforcement guidelines 2017. High-risk teams build upon the work of risk assessment by providing systematic responses to monitor offenders and enhance safety for victims. Violence can be prevented and should be prevented. Governments, communities and individuals can make a difference. Laws against violence send a clear message to society about unacceptable behavior and legitimize the actions needed to ensure people's safety at all times. The presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by 500%. The Women's Health and Education Center (WHEC) works with its partners to better understand the problem of violence and to prevent it before it begins.

  • Massachusetts Resources: Domestic Violence

  • Legal Primer On Massachusetts Family Violence Law
    A summary of Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Law and how it works.

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