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  • World Health Organization's Commission On Macroeconomics And Health: A Short Critique
    When donors earmark funds for a developing country, it does not necessarily follow that the amount of money allocated to programs that yield the best health benefits will increase in the country concerned. Does donor pledge inspire domestic investment in health? Earmarking can distort resource allocation in unintended ways.

  • Culture and Health
    As the health system changes and increasingly focuses on primary care and prevention, it is critical that health care providers develop ongoing and trusting relationships with their patients. Cultural sensitivity and awareness is particularly relevant to maternity care. The birth of a child initiates another generation into a family and affords a new opportunity for cultural traditions to be solidified, thus strengthening the bond between parents and child and serving to unify family members. Communication is at the heart of who we are as human beings. It is our way of exchanging information; it also signifies our symbolic capability. Medicine has a culture of its own, with traditional codes of conduct that have been passed on from generation to generation. From that point of view, Women's Health and Education Center (WHEC)'s community and family health approaches are particularly important for achieving social and cultural relevance in health work.

  • Medical Negligence: A Return to Trust
    Science and law must coexist. It would be for the good of all if this relationship were a mutually helpful one; at the very least neither one should exploit the other.

  • The Business of Health -- Can we afford to ignore reality?
    In USA there is no medical care crisis. It is a medical cost crisis. The health care delivery system needs a major reform. A plan for quality medical care for everyone that preserves our choices is needed.

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